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There is no better way to know the true spirit of a country than to examine the activities and passion depicted during its national day. This is owing to the fact that such celebrations simply reflect the value, heritage and culture of a country. The commemoration of the 45th National Day of the great nation, United Arab Emirates on 2nd of December 2016, reflected a stroll of absolute admiration from people all over the world.

The commemorative event marked a day of full reflection and celebration, not only for indigenous Emiratis but also for the expatriates and tourists in the country. As notable buildings were adorned with the red, green, white and black flags, so also did decorations of the Spirit of Union fly proudly across the city. Hundreds of firework displays lit up the skies all over the country, and both locals and expatriates took advantage of the chic city which featured a collection of unique activities and live performances that made the national day (weekend) a fun for all.

As you would definitely expect, Royal Smart Limousine was not left unobserved throughout the celebration. We were able to interact with our customers through a display of our sincere patriotism to the country by offering a mouth-watering discount of AED45 off all trips to our walk-in customers. To make it more ceremonious, our chauffeurs and transport coordinators gifted out small tokens of appreciation and beautiful roses as a symbol of love for the great nation. Indeed, it was a royal way of celebrating the 45th National day of a country that is known for its astute visions and unifying spirit.