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Today, we are thrilled to announce our partnership with the world’s most luxurious hotel - Burj Al Arab. This strategic partnership brings the two companies together to further deliver the finest service and experiences to visitors and guests of the prestigious hotel.

The CEO of Royal Smart Limousine, Mr. Rashed Al Jabri, in his discourse with our Operations Team expressed his delight for the realization of this partnership. “It is my utmost pleasure to announce that Royal Smart Limousine is now fully operating (with immediate effect) in Burj Al Arab Hotel. This partnership is one which has been really expected of us by our supportive guests and customers all over the world. Presently, our highly luxurious vehicles are now fully operating within the vicinity of the hotel... As this stunning 7-star hotel is regarded as the symbol of modern Dubai, we are indeed very proud to be identified with it,” said Mr. Rashed.

To corroborate the statements of the CEO, the company’s Operations Managers, Mr. Tarek Jabri and Mr. Vishal Sharma swiftly affirmed that since the agreement has been signed by both parties, a large number of luxurious vehicles have been dispatched to Burj Al Arab. According to them, guests can directly avail the company’s services with no hassles at all, as some transport coordinators have also been stationed in the location to assist the chauffeurs in arranging the travel of each guest and visitor of the hotel.