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Royal Smart Limousine has thoughtfully initiated platforms by which variety of establishments can directly work with us. As a leading luxury transportation company in the UAE, we rely upon effective collaborations with like-minded customers, clients and establishments that can further support, motivate and facilitate us to thrive in our uncompromising efforts to provide hassle-free and affordable luxury transportation to all and sundry.


BUSINESS/CORPORATE: Would you like to collaborate with us by bringing Royal Smart Limousine to your establishment? This is very simple. We will provide you the kind of luxury transportation services that will be tailored to meet your requirements and also the standard of your establishment by utilizing our fleet of all sorts of luxury vehicles available in the industry.

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EVENTS: Transportation for your different events should be more than just getting from point A to B. So, when it comes to deciding the kind of transportation you should use for events, the rides and chauffeured services should match and even enhance the style of your event. Our fleet of finest, latest luxury cars would not only bring sparkles to your events but also impress your clients and guests.

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BECOME OUR DRIVER: Are you a professional driver who seeks a highly-rated limousine company that can help you fulfill your dreams? Royal Smart Limousine is one of the few limousine companies that places utmost importance to your dreams. With our community of fulfilled, dedicated and flourishing drivers, you will definitely achieve your goals.

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